Pin Pile Driving

Construction of a pin pile retaining wall

4" dia. galvanized pipe with Maccaferri Gabion wire mesh

Pin pile driving (also referred to as micro piles, micro-piles, or micropiles) is an alternative method of retaining wall construction, soil stabilization and foundation footing. Some of the many benefits of using this method are: little or no excavation needed; often costs less than traditional methods, often does not require heavy machinery, thereby allowing solutions to problem sites with limited access. Pipe, varying from 1.5" to 6" in diameter and up to 40' in length, is driven into the ground with pneumatic hammers. Pro Landscape, Inc., has developed a reputation as the contractor with the most expertise in pin piling in the Portland Metropolitan area.

Now, Pro Landscape, Inc. has even greater pile driving capabilities with the MOVAX Vibratory Hammer, imported from Finland. We are the first contractor in the Western U.S. to be using this revolutionary start of the art equipment. Click on MOVAX at the bottom of this page for more info.

Above is a residential property in SW Portland that had a back yard with a steep slope, creating a not very useful area. Our client wanted to level the back yard, but it was not practical to build a retaining wall by conventional means, requiring excavation. The solution was to create a pin pile wall by driving 4" galvanized pipe into the ground with a pneumatic hammer. Maccaferri Gabion wire mesh was attached to the pipe. This wall was then backfilled with rock and soil, creating the level back yard seen in the photo below.

A sloped back yard made level by a pin pile retaining wall


For technical specifications, click here.

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Close up of wire mesh attached to pin piles

Closeup of pinpile wall.

Driving pin piles

Pin piles being driven into the ground by a pneumatic hammer

Pin piles used to stabilize a hillside trail for Portland Parks

Pin pile hillside stabilization

Pin pile swale

A large swale created with pin piles.

The construction of a pin pile wall with difficult access. Pin Pile wall construction
Pin Pile "trio" of pipes for foundation footing.

A trio of pin piles driven at differentt angles and welded at the top for use as a footing or for ground stabilization..

MOVAX Pile driving.

MOVAX pile driving (click to see more)

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